• Saturday 13th November 2021


This city is named after it’s large, historical baths which were built in the roman era. It is also a top place to go for a day of shopping on the high street. You may wish to take a stroll around the city and enjoy the elegant Georgian architecture such as the Royal Crescent or you can take a look around the magnificent Bath Abbey and see the intricate stained glass for yourself. There are also a variety of museums to visit including the fashion museum and the Jane Austen centre.

Timetable 1

£24.00 per person - coach travel only

COVID-19 Reminder

We have made a few changes to the way we will be running our coach trips this year, although we are hopeful of the removal of social distancing after the 21st June we felt that it would be sensible to book coach seats for our trips allowing for our customers to still sit a little further apart than normal for the remainder of this year. In this case we will probably have a seating capacity of approximately 23 passengers on a 53/57 seater coach. You will notice that we have had to raise our price per person to accommodate for this, however looking at the coach trip prices of our competitors, we still feel that we are offering very good value for money and we hope that you would agree.

We are hoping that there will no longer be a need for face coverings by the start of our trips for 2021, however we have not yet received any official guidance on this so we would ask our passengers to make sure that they bring a face covering for when they are travelling on our coaches please and also carry on practicing the ‘hands, face, space’ rules which we have been following during the pandemic.